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Sola Strand Project

WHAT critics  SAY

“Her work has been described as

'monumental' (1) and she herself 

described as Norway's foremost 

textile artist (2).

1. Dagbladet Newspaper 2. Sonja Sjolie,leader of the Norwegian 

Parliament's Culture Committee.

"I have never met anyone who works with
textile the way she does"
Christina Shearer,curator,
Rydals Museum, 2014

about the major solo exhibition at this museum

“The sheer skill and beauty of these works is breathtaking, but it is their emotional effect, one of great peace, that lingers, making Ragnhild Monsen a truly remarkable artist".

Sally Kerr

The Herald,Scotland

speaking about 'The Rainbow/Hope'

installation at the Talbot Rice (University) Gallery, Edinburgh

'A' level students
in Art and Design

in the UK, studied Ragnhild's work
as a prelude to University entrance
if they passed the exams.